Finding a product

There are several different ways to search for a product on our site. 

  1. Using the menu bar at the top of the screen: Garden Machinery, Other Equipment & Manufacturers
  2. Use the Site Map to look for any one of the pages on our site
  3. Or use the Search box at the top right of every page - simply enter any word or phrase, make or model that you might be looking for

Viewing a product

Usually, you will first see the "Thumbnails" page, a list of products within a category, including brief descriptions and some prices.  Clicking one of the thumbnail pictures will take you to the "Full Description" page where a much more detailed description of the product can be found, together with a larger picture and also any options that are available for that product.  This is particularly relevant for lawn tractors, where often there are different mowing decks and/or different grass collectors etc to choose from. 

Buying a product

Once you have selected the product you wish to buy, click on the buy button.

You will then be transferred through to your shopping basket where you can update quantities, alter the delivery location or even continue shopping. Once you are happy with your order click on "Checkout Now". By pressing the "Checkout Now" button you are confirming that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Login and payment

At this point, you can choose to either  login if you already have an account, create an account if you wish to have a user name that can be re-used in the future or continue without logging in if you prefer.

Enter your personal details, separate delivery address if necessary, then confirm your order (or alter it if necessary) and finally pay for your order via the SagePay secure online payment system.

To check your basket at any time or to check for any delivery charges (check How Much Does Delivery Cost page for specifics) click on the "View Basket" button.

If you wish to return to the shop prior to checking out, simply use any of the options above to find another product.

Once you have paid for your product using SagePay you will be returned to our site and your basket will now be empty.

Items left in your basket after you disconnect, i.e. not checked out, will remain there for 28 days, after which they will automatically be deleted. 

Happy shopping!  If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to email your query or telephone us for advice.  Our contact details can be found here.